End Your Marriage Peacefully

End Your Marriage Peacefully

Learn about settlement agreements in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, right outside of Pleasantville & Northfield, NJ

It's uncomfortable to consider the end of a relationship. But a settlement agreement can make your divorce easier by outlining the child custody arrangement and division of assets you and your partner agree on. Stephanie Albrecht-Pedrick, LLC can work with you to write prenuptial or settlement agreements in Egg Harbor Township, Pleasantville & Northfield, NJ.

She's been practicing since 2002, giving her the experience needed to guide you through the process. If you need a divorce lawyer, set up an appointment with attorney Albrecht-Pedrick today.

How can you protect your finances?

A divorce can be a long and frustrating process. However, there are a few ways you can make this process easier. Attorney Albrecht-Pedrick can help you create:

  • Prenuptial agreements: Draft an agreement about finances, support, and property before you get married.
  • Consent orders: Settle familial disputes, including custody and child support issues, outside of the courtroom.
  • Marital settlement agreements: Lay out the terms of your divorce in clear, legal language.



In all of the above options, you and your partner are agreeing to certain terms of the marriage, divorce, or family relationship, avoiding the need to go to court. To create one of these documents, contact divorce lawyer Albrecht-Pedrick in Egg Harbor Township, Pleasantville & Northfield, NJ today.



"We came to Stephanie at a very tragic time in our family's lives. We needed advice and assistance on gaining temporary custody of two minors girls in our family whose Mother had suffered a severe injury. It was a difficult situation because the incident took place in another state so we were not sure it would be possible. At the hearing even the judge commended Stephanie on her amazing work and dedication. We are not only eternally grateful to her for the job she did for us as our attorney, but also for her compassion and positiveness that helped us through a truly emotional time. Our story had a happy ending and I believe with all of my heart that no other attorney could have successfully handled our case like Stephanie Pedrick did."


"Stephanie is sincere, straightforward and professional. She's experienced, knowledgeable and you can feel confident knowing she's working hard to help you get past the legal circumstance you're in and on with your life!"


"When Stephanie steps into the courtroom she is totally prepared. I witnessed this first hand as she successfully litigated a child custody case. With so much at stake you want the best. And Stephanie is the best."



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