Fight for the Parenting Time You Deserve

Fight for the Parenting Time You Deserve

Our child custody attorney in Egg Harbor Township, NJ is on your side

Deciding how much time children spend with each parent is one of the most difficult parts of the divorce and family law process. Make sure you have a skilled child custody attorney to help protect your rights as a parent. The Law Office of Stephanie Albrecht-Pedrick, LLC is located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, right outside of Northfield, NJ and helps families with legal counsel and litigation.

Our child custody attorney can fight for you in the courtroom and explain the many aspects of child custody law, including:

Legal custody - Which parent can make legal and medical decisions for the child
Physical custody - The schedule that determines which parent the child lives with
Parenting time - How much actual time each parent has custody of the child

Our attorney can represent you whether you're arguing for joint or sole custody. Contact our attorney today to discuss your family's future.

Arguing over child support?

Financial support is a key part of helping your child grow and thrive. Our child custody attorney can explain the legal requirements for child support and represent your child's interests. Our attorney will help you get the child support you need. Are you paying child support? Our attorney will advocate for a fair calculation.

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"We came to Stephanie at a very tragic time in our family's lives. We needed advice and assistance on gaining temporary custody of two minors girls in our family whose Mother had suffered a severe injury. It was a difficult situation because the incident took place in another state so we were not sure it would be possible. At the hearing even the judge commended Stephanie on her amazing work and dedication. We are not only eternally grateful to her for the job she did for us as our attorney, but also for her compassion and positiveness that helped us through a truly emotional time. Our story had a happy ending and I believe with all of my heart that no other attorney could have successfully handled our case like Stephanie Pedrick did."


"Stephanie is sincere, straightforward and professional. She's experienced, knowledgeable and you can feel confident knowing she's working hard to help you get past the legal circumstance you're in and on with your life!"


"When Stephanie steps into the courtroom she is totally prepared. I witnessed this first hand as she successfully litigated a child custody case. With so much at stake you want the best. And Stephanie is the best."



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