Job Satisfaction

It’s Friday.  How was your week?  I had a good one.

When I tell people I practice Family Law the usual first comment or question I receive is “Wow, you must hear all sorts of things!”.  (Yes I do, and it makes me appreciate all the good in my own life.)  The second comment is usually “That must be rough”.  (Only if I let it be).   Truthfully, I enjoy what I do.  As a lawyer my job is to help people;  I help by advocating for their interests to achieve a result that meets their needs or goals, or by providing legal advice to help them make logical decisions.   Most of my clients need me like they  need a plumber or an electrician.  They have a legal issue and they recognize the need to retain an attorney to assist in resolving that issue.  My work is not nearly as glamorous or exciting as TV and movies make it seem.

People who come to my office are usually angry, sad, nervous or bitter.  The bitter people are never going to be happy because, well – they’re just bitter in general.  The angry client usually settles down once we get moving on the divorce or motion, etc.  The sad people are only sad temporarily, and by the time the case is over they see the light of a new phase of their lives.  And the nervous clients are only nervous because they are uneducated about the process.  Once I explain it, their nerves relax.

But every so often I have a client who needs help.  Literal help.  As in “something bad might happen”.  These clients are scared or feeling desperate.  The case is usually somewhat challenging because there is a sense of urgency.  When I help these clients the appreciation they show makes me gleam.  They smile, they thank me, they show relief.  And I get to go home at the end of that day feeling like I made a difference in their life, and knowing in my heart that I “done good”.  I had one of those cases this week.  As I close out this Friday I will enjoy my weekend and begin anew on Monday still coasting on the tails of that feel-good energy; ready to help new clients and tackle new problems.

Happy Weekend!   ~Stephanie