It’s Your Divorce – Not Theirs

When you get divorced, it is only natural for your friends or family members to lend “support” by giving advice regarding everything from picking the right lawyer to how much alimony you “deserve” or whether you should get to keep the patio furniture.  The problem however, is that friends and family members have no business putting their well-meaning nose into your divorce.  They might think they are helping, but they’re not.

This article from blogger Marc Baer with The Huffington Post explains that divorcing people tend to attract well-meaning friends, relatives and bystanders who think they should offer advice on how to manage the divorce.  The common result, unfortunately, is to fuel conflict, anger and aggression in the divorcing person which prolongs the divorce and complicates the resolution process.

Every divorce is fact-sensitive.  Your neighbor or cousin’s divorce is entirely different than yours and the results should be tailored to each specific case.  The job of your divorce lawyer is to clearly explain the law and how it relates to the facts of your case, and then use the law to advocate for your goals, provided those goals are within the range of what’s fair.   The job of your friends and family is to listen, offer encouragement and provide companionship both during and after the divorce.

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